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SD/MMC Controller

The model does not parse the commands from the core, and does not provide any storage. - Multiple SPI chip select support. - Larger Fifos to allow simultaneous processor and core Fifo access.NewsRelease 1.

Robot Control Library

Drivers for Microblaze. Connects to digital and analog Playstation2 compatible Joypads. - SPI core - NoneStatus- Spline module under development.


AVRtinyX61core: Overview Project maintainers Hilvarsson, Andreas Details Name: avrtinyx61core Created: 14-Sep-2008 17:55:36 Updated: 10-Nov-2008 14:01:39 SVN: Browse Statistics : View Otherg. io-port, spi, uart,

SD/MMC/SPIflash FPGA Config

DescriptionConfigure Altera and Xilinx FPGAs using a small low cost micro-controller and commodity SD/MMC/SPI flash memory. There are already solutions available that use a CPLD and SD/MMC/SPI flash memory,


switches and push buttons) - External memory controller (SRAM) - SPI / I2C -Status- OpenFIRE CPU - ISA almost completed - MSR bits (IE, BIP, EIP, etc..

MiniGA - High Quality PAL Encoder

It outputs a video signal for TVs, VCRs and TFTs with video input. MiniGA features a SPI interface which makes interfacing to most microcontrollers easy.

OpenRisc Development Board

Santa Cruz expansion header, and Support board expansion header. - Support board containing SD card slot, SPI flash, C8051, fpgaConfig header, JTAG header, OpenRisc debug header and RS-232 DB9 connector.

Java Implementation of Speex

JSpeex is a Java port of the Speex speech codec (Open Source/Free Software patent-free audio compression format designed for It provides both the decoder and the encoder in pure Java, as well as a JavaSound SPI.


AVRMegaTools aims to provide generalized libraries for handling built in AVR hardware functions such as UART , TWI, SPI. It aims to provide high quality drivers which provide the user with a transparent or TWI, SPI.


To implement in VC++ the CEN XFS V3.0 specifications including the XFS manager, SPI's for various devices, and sample application codes.
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